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Episode 9: The value of local connections in the Dairy Industry

Sosheel Godfrey warns against making a bogeyman out of an alternative banking system. That is, he doesn’t see the so-called ‘middlemen’ of Pakistan’s dairy industry as evil collectors that rob farmers of profit, rob the chance to sell milk urban consumers. Rather, he sees them as a part of the community, investing back into their communities through the farmers. Living alongside the local farmers, they extend cash advances to farmers, sometimes providing loans to small hold farmers. And so, their motives are not just making a profit, but rather helping other members of their community to survive and thrive.

Episode 7: Community Responsibility for each other

Sarah Redshaw thinks our healthcare model is sometimes too focused on disease.
On the surface, this seems like a weird thing to say, given how we go to doctors when we’re ill; we expect them to make it about disease and illness. But Sarah argues that this approach can divorce the individual from any financial, social and cultural pressures they’re is facing outside the consultation room. In other words, the individual is separated from their lives outside the hospital, which can lead to an incomplete picture of the individual’s life and times.

Episode 6: The Anglican Church Community in Rural Australia

In her work on the Anglican Church in rural Australian communities, Monica sees religion as a force that provides a sense of belonging and community. And more than that, she argues that these seemingly abstract concepts–community, social wellbeing, belonging–can and do influence an individual. And so, in times of hardship and struggle, the local church becomes a place of connection and support.